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Courtesy Haley Burton and Yahoo News

After 56 years of marriage, Billy and Judy Miller died like they lived: holding onto each other.

One of dozens of tornadoes that tore through Kentucky on Friday reduced their home to cinderblocks, scattered their belongings across two states, and put an end to an epic love story.

According to The Washington Post, the Millers were found side by side at their property on the outskirts of Bremen on Saturday morning. Billy, 73, was a Vietnam veteran who worked as a laborer before running the family farm. Judy, 72, was a homemaker. They had recently renewed their wedding vows in honor of their 50th anniversary.

“They grew really deep bonds after the loss of two of their children and that bond—I don’t think anyone could break,” their granddaughter, Serenity Miller, told WTHR.

“There was no other love like theirs,” another granddaughter, Haley Burton, told The Washington Post.

A dozen people were killed in the small town of Bremen, home to just a couple hundred people. At least 74 Kentuckians died in the tornado outbreak that stretched across five states and claimed the lives of at least 88.

While the Millers didn’t survive, their photos did.

By Sunday, eight strangers had turned to the “ with photographs belonging to the couple. The Washington Post spoke to a farmer in Indiana who found a picture of the Millers as young parents, and a woman in Louisville who discovered a black-and-white childhood photo labeled “Judy.”

“It gives me a lot of hope,” Burton told the newspaper. “With all the bad we have going on in the world … there are still great people out there that want these families to have these memories.”

Our hearts are with all those impacted by this terrible tragedy.

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